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Quality Control

Quality management system

Klinechem quality management system is based on ISO9001, to the overall quality management system. From the quality assurance department-led, the full participation of various functional departments, from the inquiry, the work of quotations to the goods after the issue of customer satisfaction assessment, the implementation of the entire process of quality control. Review of contract orders → review and management of major raw material suppliers → release of raw materials, output review of R & D → process amplification control, production process control, product release, after-sale customer satisfaction evaluation and so on.

Quality system control chart


Quality audit: audit of raw material suppliers to ensure that the quality and quantity of raw materials supply; customer acceptance of my company's audit to ensure that our quality, customer service so that customer satisfaction.

Quality control: from the "people, machines, materials, law, Link," five strict requirements and implementation.

Validation management: mainly refers to the verification system, such as: cleaning verification, process validation, equipment validation, analysis and verification methods.


Klinechem QC Department offers a full range of analytical testing services from raw materials to products including analytical method development and analytical method validation, analytical testing and release, impurity analysis, solvent residue analysis, analytical instrument verification, clean validation, compound structure identification, chiral compounds Separation and so on. A variety of advanced analytical equipment and high-quality professional analysis team for the quality of Ester products provide an effective guarantee for the analysis.

Esther QC has established a perfect quality control process. Based on the guideline of GMP and ICH in China, ISO9001 has established the internal control standard management standard of the Company, which covers the testing standards of raw materials, intermediates and end products. To ensure ot the quality of the products.

Quality policy

Continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.